Game over

Dnes je sice 1. dubna, ale tohle není apríl. Včera jsem od Paradoxu dostal mail, který zde zveřejním v plném znění.

Dear Sir,

Being the publishing company and developer of renowned games such as Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 2 & 3, Stellaris, Victoria 2 (&soon 3!), Hearts of Iron 4 & Imperator: Rome, we at Paradox Interactive are always excited to see our community making mods for our games, including translation mods in their native language. Such as the ones you provide on your website <>.

However, it has been brought to our attention that you no longer provide your translation mods free of charge and that you instead have implemented a subscription service (členství), starting at 100 CZK a month. We also understand that you have previously asked for donations (příspěvek), where you for „legal reasons“ asked the donors to not mention the game title in the transaction.

As you are aware, the games are Paradox Interactive’s copy right protected property, to which we allow creators like yourself to make mods – as long as it is for strictly non-commercial purposes only. The creator is not allowed to accept fees or donations for the creation of and publication of mods – these rules apply to your translations. You can read our mod policy here.

As such, your subscription service (členství) and donation requests (příspěvek) are in breach of our mod policy and the distribution of your translations constitute a copyright infringement.

Therefore, we would like you to correct this matter and remove the subscription service and donation page from your website. Please respond in writing indicating your intention to remove the donation page and subscription service within five (5) business days upon receipt of this notice.

If no response is received, Paradox Interactive may take action to ensure the removal of all materials that infringes on our rights.

With kind regards,

Emma Helgesson

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